Ecological swimming pools

Ecological swimming pools are friendly, both for humans and for nature. No chlorine added to swimming and it is pleasant, very different and very relaxing. Everything indicates that this trend will spread even more. Truly new specially designed for swimmers not ponds. Their nature is to look at countries like Australia and the United States.

In Europe, mainly Austria and Germany have made and the trend is still a kind of 'role model' have. In these countries have recently surveys. We learn that the demand for swimming pools in these countries is still rising.

The choice: pond or pool?

The land plots which are built nowadays are mostly smaller than before.

Often, a decision should be taken: either a pool or pond.
Dad would like to build a koi pond, but mom and the kids would rather swim in your own garden.
Pond swimming pool and pond are an interim solution available to the members of the family easily reach a consensus.

If some family members are afraid of the smallest animal or dirty water from a jumping frog
then a swimming pool is not the right choice, not a biological swimming pool.

In a biological swimming pool are all kinds of living beings who find themselves can develop and reproduce. The swimming area remains a part of living nature and hang a sign with "prohibited amphibians' makes no sense.

In a classic pool includes animals but they can be the content of chlorine not survive and are removed by skimmers and landing net. In real swimming pools as the bather has been really to do with the presence of all living things, dragonfly larvae and snails on tadpoles of newts. There are also micro-organisms but are harmless to bathers (the bath water is not potable water). The situation is like swimming in the sea or a lake, which are also full of living creatures. The family must decide for himself or a swimming pool just for them.

Accepted by science

Het filteren van de zwemvijver gebeurt op een biologische manier. Er is een open zwemzone en er zijn beplante zones.De moerasplanten en een zone van biologische filtratie garanderen een gezond en zuiver water.

Soms voorziet men een UV-straler om het water nog meer kristalhelder te maken.
Biologisch filteren betekent reinigen met behulp van bacteriën. Deze bacteriën gaan afvalstoffen omzetten in door planten opneembare moleculen.
De planten verbruiken deze stoffen voor hun groei

The circle is thus closed.

The biological filtration system by including the Austrian and French governments accepted for use in public pools.
This is certainly reassuring. The analysis shows that it is not necessary to water "sterile" with chemicals to make a "healthy" water to obtain

Also on bacteriological level there is no problem.

A major advantage of biological filtration is that it really is a slow filtration.
That means less energy and saves significantly on energy costs.
The pumps run continuously, day and night. One or more surface skimmers are often used.
The intention is that the water is really inviting to jump.
Much of the pollution in a pond does come from outside.
According to U.S. studies, it ornamental ponds and swimming ponds in most cases to 80% of the pollution.

Leaves, pollen, seeds, sand, clay particles but also dead insects, feathers and other material blown into the pond and will first float.
Then sink material and creates unwanted enrichment of the pond.
A skimmer ensures that all impurities on the surface reach as pollen,
leaves, seeds and the like are sucked.
The best skimmers feature a large, easily removable filter basket.

Waterproofing perhaps black.

The color of the waterproofing is different.
For pools is usually slightly tinted (light blue, light green, light gray).
In swimming pools almost always makes use of black or nearly black film.

This has several reasons for which the most important are: absorb heat and esthetische.Vijvers with a black waterproofing are nicer,
look more natural, and the reflections of surrounding plants and are most active spectaculair.Terwijl traditional pools can be heated is not the case with swimming pools.

Passive heating in the summer or (solar panels).
Black EPDM rubber liner is exceptionally long life (many decades).
The black soil can cause absorb solar heat. That means 1 to 2 ° Celsius degrees gain in terms of water temperature in our climate. It saves and it's free. Requirement in any event film that is suitable for living things
(ask for certificate compatibility with pond life as is the case with Firestone Rubber Pond Liner ®). That is 100% safe for bathers and the organisms that inhabit the pond.

standard widths

They are usually multiples of 3.05 m, but today there are "special" measures such as 7.62 m and 4.27 m, which can be helpful. Films up to 15.25 m width are available, which offers great potential in terms of creative swimming pool architecture. Another advantage is not to be sneezed the matt gray color. The rubber membrane that glitters is not visible pieces unnoticed. This is especially important during hot dry periods when water evaporates quickly. The flexibility at low temperatures is very important for the installer. The latter has often cold spring and autumn periods work. Rubber pond liner has a very high elasticity, even at very low temperatures so that there are periods during freezing problems with ponds can anchor. The flexibility also means that folding is not ugly but they are right by the water surface printed. This is an important aesthetic advantage. The dull black colored rubber film attracts the sun's heat, and that'll make a degree or more.
Rubber film is soft and comfortable against the skin.
This is definitely another plus for application in the case of a swimming pool.
EPDM rubber films have an exceptionally long lifetime average of over 50 years in our climatic conditions.
The foil can be placed in one piece but can also be glued to concrete walls and the seams are locally realized by using an adhesive EPDM seam tape.
So this material meets the most demanding client who accepts no folds.
The connections can be both direct and concrete structures for plastic,
lighting fixtures and the like. In swimming pools, this is often important.


A swimming pool (especially one with a matte black waterproofing) vijvers06vraagt ‚Äč‚Äčless cleaning than a conventional pool, but it requires minimal maintenance. Despite the prevailing biological balance it will erzich deposit forms on the bottom. That is normal. One need have no worry about it.

Some bathers do not encounter sediment, others want a spotless swimming area. With just delete them all the leaves and twigs that fell into the water. A naked pond bottom without rocks or gravel, will of course much easier to maintain than one with gravel.

A pond vacuum cleaner can be a useful tool.

Be careful with some types of "fully automatic vacuum cleaners", which propel themselves on the bottom. They can be a hazard for the waterproofing when they somehow remain blocked. Especially the ones with rotating brushes should be viewed with suspicion. There are "walking" types who do not compromise the waterproofing. It is very important to avoid heavy raid leaves in autumn.
A dense Pond, that the whole swimming area and wetland area spans, offers a solution.
During the month of October is stretched over the pond. The first week of November may be just back away. Nice but it is not efficient.

Dry and dead plants

In practice this will usually happen in the autumn.
In the spring could also (the rule for an ordinary pond),
but partly because when it comes to swimming pools especially irises was cut in the autumn more appropriate.

The removed stems and leaves are on the compost heap.
The swimming pool allows for swimming and enjoying surrounded by nature.

One imagines there are in paradise, the paradise of Tarzan and Jane.
This dream has become reality for many people with ecological ideas.
What a heavenly feeling is a refreshing swim in the morning or late afternoon.

The soft water without chlorine as a balm for the skin of swimmers.
Certainly the health of the children will be the better.

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