EPDM roofing membrane

The Ultraflex EPDM roof membrane is a 100% vulcanized single ply roofing membrane on the basis of the ethylene-propylene-diene monomer. It offers a range of unique features and benefits. Meanwhile several flat roofs are realized with EPDM and this is perfectly applicable to buildings as well on garden sheds, carports and outbuildings.

EPDM roofing membrane is available in the following standard sizes:
Thickness: 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm 1:14 mm, 1.2 mm and 1.5 mm
Widths: 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 meters
Lengths: 30-60 meters

Furthermore all sizes and thicknesses are available on wish! from mid-March 2016

  • Flashingtape/covertape and seamtape

Processing materials

Various types of tapes such as splice tape (seam) form flash (detail tape) and the cover strip (repairs and  seam masking tape) are available. We process all tape with an American primer which are well-proven quality.

For adhesion to a clean and dry surface we use bonding adhesive. This adhesive is available in 1-liter cans, spray cans of 500 ml and 17 kg canisters which can be processed by means of a spray gun.

Processing EPDM roofin membrane

 order to achieve a good seam join all the materials should be clean and dry. A minimum processing temperature is set at 5 degrees above zero, also the air humidity in the holes are properly taken into account. On a cold surface, the primer will attract moisture more quickly and therefore do not adhere well. The EPDM Roofing Membrane 10 cm laying over each other and then by means of a lime line indicate the correct dimensions.

After this, one can apply the primer by means of a paint roller and for this purpose a primer and or pad. After application of the primer it should be ensured that the hand primer is dried before application of the tape. The tape should then be firmly pressed with a dedicated contact pressure roll.

The next side should then be primed and also to let these hands are dry. Then glued on to remove the tape through the covering of the tape and then hand press firmly. Making sure that no air channels are formed!

All compounds should be carried out in a dry and clean surface.

Installation on a wall or building
In order to make a good connection on a building structure must always be fitted with a quick primer can be accomplished first and then to the compound of an optionally self-adhesive EPDM.

Furthermore, in our delivery program:

  • Rainwater drains, conduits and vents\
  • Protection Cloths / felt
  • Pinch rollers
  • Aluminum clamping profiles
  • Ms polymer kitten
  • Shape round withdetails adhesive
  • Repair kits adhesive