Koi sizes

Currently we have various sizes koi in stock, in which:

  • 12-15 cm € 15.00
  • 15-18 cm € 29.00
  • 30 to 40 cm € 150.00
  • 40-50 cm € 190.00

several large koi from 70 cm to 95 cm they are hand picking and can be figured out by yourself in our basins and 100 200 m3.

Our total inventory is 700 m3 water fish tanks, all tanks are not heated so therefore the strongest fish, of course we also all other types of pond fish such as golden orfe - goldfish gold minnow - Shubunkin - sunfish etc etc

Koi food

We have various types of Koi food. Takazumi koi food we mainly perform. This is qualitatively a perfect food, the fish are taken in most of their digestive organs and blood, thus there is less pollution in your pond water, which is again conducive to the water clarity. We have the mix., Growth food color food, junior, vitality, and sinking feed stock.Takazumi addition, we also own line of koi food. This is considerably cheaper but the quality is just as good., here are very few parts back into the water. This is a staple food, and mix with a staple, prawns, silkworms and three color mix.