Constructing your koi pond

The whereabouts of your koi does require something more than ordinary pond, but what could be better than a bright and sparkling pond and healthy Koi. The ideal depth of this pond is at least 150cm and it is important to have a good filter to apply. Water into the filter through a bottom drain (110mm) to the filter, UV lamp should be at least 2 watts per m3 to be. Recommended filter is a part of plant to build.

Water in your pond

The content is definitely a once every 2 hours to be circulated. We supply you with filters, pumps and U.V. lamps in various designs.

Our koi stock

Our stock consists only of Japanese koi Koi.

We have Japanese koi in various sizes. and species.

ranging from 10-12 cm to 80 / 100 cm all at very reasonable prices.