ULTRAFLEX EPDM LINER is a rubber liner with 10 years waranty  This liner in almost the same as firestone and carlisle. just the price is much better for you.Also for our sale's colege we can offer you the best price of epdm liners.ask for this.availeble in different size and thicknes  as 1 mm and 1.5mm  it will be good for more as 50 years. as expected.For now we just have the pond liner , in the near future we also have the roof liner membrane.ULTRAFLEX EPDM LINER is by far the cheapest rubberliner . ask for actuel prices . for now we can offer pondliner0,8 mm for € 4,95 m2 and  1,0 mm for € 5,95 m2 , if you need full containers ,dont hassatatae to ask for your best price.

EPDM pond liner Firestone

Pond liner  is available in all shapes, for us the epdm liner is  far the best product you can get, we are distributor of ULTRAFLEX EPDM LINER  0,5 MM , 0,75 MM ,  1.00 mm and 1,5 thick, this liner is very flexible and has an elongation of 400% and is UV resistant. we give this film 10 years warranty and life expectancy is 50 years.

EPDM pond liner with large purchasing price is good, and can be fully customized to be delivered. We can glue the liner ,and is perfect for you without the wrinkles and possibly an unlimited size, standard sizes, width 4a and 6 mtr . other size are availeble  on costum made

We can also for the PVC, polyethylene and reinforced PVC handle.

Pond mortar

Pond mortarTM is a mineral that is perfect for creating a waterfall, a stream, the walls of masonry, making a watertight pond floor and to maintain the pond edge. The rapid cure allows multiple work steps out in one day.

Applying Grout Pond

Making floors and walls in new and existing ponds.
The make and model of waterfalls and streams.
The masonry of the walls for planters and filter structures
Attaching steel, glass, stone, concrete and brick
Waterproofing of leaking ponds
A personal toutch indicate the actual work
The Rapar them or leveling brick pond walls
Building cement ponds


Vijverfix TM is a 2-component system PCC mortar. The system consists of a cement mortar (component A) and an emulsified resin (component B). The end product is waterproof, has a high chemical resistance and high compressive and flexural / tensile strength.


Vijverfix TM can be used for repairing leaky ponds, for securing rocks and stone blocks, concrete bricks, tiles and slabs, for restocking of rivers, waterfalls and fountains. The product adheres to steel, various plastics and glass and can therefore also be used to attach these materials