The pond specialist

The pond specialist

With our vast experience you can expect a crystal clear pond. Every year between 300 and 400 ponds are built by us and processed. We hereby apply mostly ULTRAFLEX EPDM LINER  and  Firestone EPDM pond liner, which has a waranty of 20 years, offering you many years of pleasure.

From start 2017 we have our new epdm pond in stock. this liner had perfect performance and price is even better. 0,8 mm cost € 4,50 m2  and 1,0 mm cost € 5,50

Special offer 2016
Special offer 2016 Actie

There are still some 'cuts' EPDM rubber liner available. These parts are priced at € 6.00 per m2. Quickly enquire to the sizes available. We also have some quarantine tanks of 400 liters and 650 liters at discount rates.

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