All pondcovers are availeble in 20 and 30 cm wide.and 1 mtr long,the total high of the pondcovers U profile is 10 cm.The corners are prefab 45 degree cut ,so this is for both pieces a nice corner of 90 degree.the range of pondcoverplate is very big, it is availble in granit 654 honed, basalt 684 honed ,flamed/bruched and pollish.also there is one mongolieen black we have this in flamed bruched ,and is specialy for the swimmingpool ,because for the finnish is is a raw top and nor slippery.

All collors and finnish are availble in flat pond covers of 3 cm thick,and al are availble in costom made size and collor, alway count on a delivery time of atleast 2 month,all standard producs are in stock,and availeble in a vew days.

PS. When you see coverplate as this U profile ,please let us know.We have exclusive import and sales of this pondcover plate.just by EU pattent/octrooi. We have some sale's partner in lot of countries, sent email and we will give you the name and adres of this bussines partners in your country.